AANZ offer three main types of asbestos audits: repair, demolition and management.

Repair Audits

Repair audits take place when repairs or refurbishments are to be undertaken on any property. We will liaise with the project manager and/or builders to fully understand everything that the work entails. During the audit we check building materials in all areas that will be affected by the works and take samples of any material that may contain asbestos. We will only sample areas that will be affected by the project works and will make our marks as discreetly as possible. Once the repair audit is complete we will formulate a report and provide it with a live asbestos register.

Demolition Audits

Demolition audits are undertaken before a building is demolished. This is an intrusive audit as we must reach all areas of the property to ensure that no asbestos remains unfound. Samples will be taken from all materials that potentially contain asbestos. Demolition audits can be done in occupied buildings but there will be evidence of the audit. Once the demolition audit is complete we will formulate a report and provide it with a live asbestos register.

Management Audits

New regulations coming to New Zealand may state that every workplace in New Zealand must have an asbestos register. A management audit will be undertaken to identify which areas and what materials may contain asbestos. For a management audit it is common that owners/occupiers of the building do not want to cause damage to the walls, floors or ceilings of the property. Therefore we visually assess any areas we believe will contain asbestos, report on its immediate condition and complete our report including a live asbestos register. If requested at the time, samples will be taken to verify that asbestos does exist in a given area.

The purpose of the asbestos register is that at a future time when renovations, repairs or alterations are required to be done to a building, the asbestos register can be used to identify hazardous areas so that steps can be taken to ensure the appropriate safety measures are in place prior to works beginning.